does your family eat second breakfast? maybe it should.

Eating breakfast for dinner (or supper depending on which term you prefer for the last meal of the day) is a no-brainer for the win. The food selection is enormous…biscuits, oatmeal, bacon, eggs, grits, sausage, bacon, hash browns, cinnamon rolls, danishes, bacon, donuts, bagels, orange juice, apple juice, fruit, and bacon.

My favorite? Blueberry pancakes. I hope we get to eat them in heaven along with Snickers Ice Cream Bars. Well, not at the same time. That would just be wrong. I hope we get to eat them in addition to Snickers Ice Cream Bars.

Then there is a breakfast food that is in a category all its own…cereal. As I previously mentioned, I love, not like, Grapenuts. But I have to be honest, my version of Grapenuts includes an unhealthy amount of sugar. Sugar does to bland breakfast cereal what a skillet and Crisco does to any meat in the south. Think about this: we have a thing called “chicken fried steak.” We FRY steak.


As you have figured out by now we’re starting with an easy one…breakfast for dinner. In and of itself , serving breakfast foods for dinner is a curveball. It is not normally what we do. And we could just stop right there. But seriously, if we stopped right there, you might as well hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. It’s just not that creative on its own. So let’s see if we can add a little adventure to breakfast for dinner.

Obviously we should plan ahead but then we could go in two opposite directions: we could pretend that the dinner was spontaneous or we could announce it in advance. I vote for announcing it a couple of days in advance to build anticipation. The details of the meal can still communicate an essence of spontaneity.

Next, if you want to earn some massive cool points with your kids, learn how to do those character pancake things. Here’s a link to learn how to pull this off.

So let’s say that it’s the night of the big breakfast extravaganza. The meal has been prepared and now it’s almost time to eat. Right as everyone is gathering around the table, act confused and say “something’s just not right.” And then “I know what’s wrong…it’s breakfast. We need to put our pajamas on.” Assure your kids that you’re not trying to trick them into an early bedtime.

You will not receive any cool points for this, but will award you some bonus points if Dad and Mom show up in matching onesies. Of course we’ll need to see some proof in the form of a picture posted to our Facebook page. Yep, consider that a dare. C’mon Dad, it’s for the kids.

In the category of “going big,” suggest to the family that after dinner you go get some donut holes for dessert. Yep, in your pajamas. A picture of the whole family in the donut shop in your pajamas wins you Family of the Week. Seriously, we’ll send you a certificate.

When you return home, curl up in the family room and watch a movie…eat dry Honey Nut Cheerios or Fruit Loops instead of popcorn. With all of that sugar, good luck getting your children to go to bed on time…but sometimes that’s just not the most important thing.

A few other thoughts:
– If there are leftovers, you can have them for breakfast the next morning. Two birds, one stone.
– Consistently say “good morning” throughout the evening.
– Call it brinner or brupper

Food for thought (see what I did there?):
– What breakfast foods will your kids most look forward to?
– Is there a great kids movie that is breakfast related? Didn’t “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” have a scene where they were swimming in Cheerios?
– What is the maximum age for a child where this would still be interesting?
– I hate to bring this up, but for all of the parents that are health conscious, are there any vegetables that could be served with this meal that kids would be excited about? I can’t believe that I just asked that.


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