my problem with selfies

Isn’t it amazing that selfies are a thing?

Taking a picture of yourself however, is not necessarily a new thing. Back in the film camera days, when a student would set their camera down unattended, we youth pastors would stealthily take pictures of ourselves that the student would only discover once they got their film developed. Sneaky, huh?

But now I have a problem with selfies.

1063487_10151600422048585_1187646742_nYou see, I have a huge noggin. I have to go to the (Yes sir. It’s an actual website) to find hats to fit my head. And thusly, I cannot be the one to snap the photo in group selfies. My head ends up being the one closest to the camera resulting in my cranium appearing even more mutant-ish than before. Just look at the size of my head in the photo to the left. It’s not pretty.

Everybody has a camera.

Pretty much everyone walking around in our culture today is carrying some sort of camera, usually on their phone. Everything gets recorded. And not only that, it is becoming more and more difficult to take bad pictures. We can see what our pics look like instantly. The delete button was the single greatest invention in the history of photography. That might be a slight exaggeration but not by much.

So when you take the latest camera technology, combine it with the phenomenon of Facebook, throw in a healthy dose of family, we end up with pictures coming out of our ears. Tons and tons of photos of everyone and everything under the sun.

So what do we do with all of these pics?


Start picking out the good ones to create your very own “epic photo wall.” Your family NEEDS an epic photo wall.

So just what is an epic photo wall? First of all, it is a wall located in a central location in your home that each family member would pass everyday. For us, it is a hallway that connects our bedrooms. The same hallway where we played “Butkus” with our kids when they were little. What? You don’t know about “Butkus?” I can’t wait to tell you about “Butkus.”

How do you determine what photos make the wall?

First of all, it’s your epic photo wall so you can put any photo on it that you want to. Having said that, here’s a couple of things that we take into consideration for our wall:
– Is the photo clear, without pixelation or blur?
– Is the lighting great? Avoid dark or over-exposed photos.
– Does the photo grab my attention? Be picky and choose the absolute best ones. Remember, in this day and age you probably have thousands of pics to choose from.
– Does the photo capture a memorable moment? It must communicate to onlookers that you are having an absolute blast and that they are suckers for not being there themselves. An example might be a shot of a family in a donut shop wearing pajamas.

As far as size, we chose 8×10’s…they’re cheap to get printed (we printed all of ours on our home desktop printer) and easy to find frames. Some of you may opt for more expensive frames. For us, it was all about the photo so we did not want to take away from it with a more expensive frame. You could also use a bulletin board or for that matter, the refrigerator door. Remember, it’s your epic photo wall.

Why should you have an epic photo wall?

One of the things that our photo wall did to me was that I started re-thinking our vacations. I began to actually plan how and where to grab more epic photos. I think probably my three favorite places to photograph my family were in front of mountains and/or waterfalls, in the snow, and sunset at the beach. We have exactly zero photos on our wall of our kids playing video games or watching TV. Go outside and play. Subtle Kenny, subtle.

Also, the epic photo wall becomes a monument to family. It entrenches the idea that family is awesome. As the years go by, you’ll find yourself, along with the rest of your family, just staring at the photos on the wall. Remembering. And smiling.


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